Junk Foods

I haven’t always been healthy.  My childhood involved loads of processed food and sugar. The only green things that I recall eating were frozen beans that were boiled to death and meat that was so well done it was charcoal-ed.

Potato chips, coke, white bread, two minute noodles, you get the picture. My poor mum God bless her, did her best. It wasn’t until she started having gut problems herself that our diets started to have subtle changes. (I was about 14)

I spent my childhood on  steroid puffers from asthma and antibiotics from ear infections and reoccurring tonsillitis.  In my twenties I smoked and drank myself silly.

It wasn’t until my husband and I decided to try for a family that I turned my whole life around.  I knew that I had to be in optimum health in order to conceive.  That was the start of my detox and I have done many in between. We now have three beautiful healthy children.

Cooking for Kid All my life I have suffered from gut issues and severe abdominal bloating and have seen many practitioners, healers and doctors over the years as well as  done every elimination diet you could imagine.

Throughout the journey I have learnt that each person is unique and individual therefore no one diet is going to suit everyone.

In the end after several years of trying to find the answer as well as spending a small fortune I now know that my symptoms  are less when I eat low fructose, low or no grains and a small amount of dairy.  I am sure if I eliminated all fructose and dairy as well as grains I would be symptom free however being a busy mum of three the pure stress on being so restricted would make my symptoms worse! I could always go live in a bubble……;)

Knowing what my triggers are has given me the power back in the food choices I make.  Doing seasonal cleansing helps with balancing out my body that keeps my digestion health at its peak.

It’s such a juggle to balance life, being a loving wife, patient and caring mother, as well as a good friend whilst trying to squeeze in exercise and healthy meals.

When my boys were food sensitivity tested a few years back, wheat and gluten came up quite high, and with my history ( a diagnosis of early stages of celiacs disease) it was a no brainer to stay clear of gluten.  We are a sensitive bunch and that is what got me started on this healthy food journey.

TraceyAt home we try to have everything in its purest form.  Dairy has to be as close as possible to its natural state, selected grains are soaked as well as seeds.  Grass fed meat and organic produce is important.  Naturally people comment on the way I may bake some sweets and these comments are not always positive.  Some people even think I am depriving my kids of their childhood!  Instead how I see it is that I am educating them about food and where it comes from, teaching them that food is meant to be eaten and digested in its most natural state.  Anything less than that and I would be depriving them of nutrients and a long life…….

Of course parties and junk foods are still in our life and my kids run to the lolly table just as much as the rest of them but creating a balance is a must.  The name GOOD MOST OF THE TIME sums up how we live.

Before you try the recipes I wanted to say I am by no means a chef or food critic (my kids are apparently the latter ones) but I do have taste buds as do my kids and husband and they came in handy while creating these meals!

My reason for sharing how I cook is to inspire people to get back to basics.  With cancer on the rise, auto immune diseases, autism, ADHD and many more we have to stop and ponder “what is going on?” There are many contributing factors to these issues, so lets start with how we eat and what we eat.  Food is just not meant to be in a packet is it? Nor is it meant to last a year or so. If it does, how can we call it food or expect to get any nutrition from it?

Please look over your pantry and try getting back to basics. Keep it simple.  Perhaps baking some fresh muffins or cookies may seem a little daunting at first or time consuming however the impact it will have on your children’s memories will last a life time but more importantly an impact on your child’s health to last a lifetime. There is nothing more like home than the sweet smell of love and family wafting out your windows…….

I should also mention that because I don’t usually use flour containing gluten, it  makes baking a little tricky.  The cakes are best eaten on the day or the next day after as they start to lose their spring.

Enjoy being good, most of the time. xx

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  • Justine Wallace October 24, 2013 at 8:19 am

    What a fun, informative site, thank you for recipes I can relate to!

  • Lisa Humphries November 26, 2013 at 9:40 am

    Hi lovely I saw Gwen today and she told me about your beautiful blog xx I am loving all of your beautiful recipes and will be trying some out soon, hope that you are really well xx Love from Lisa.

  • Leyla McGlynn January 11, 2014 at 11:16 am

    Wow!! I am very impressed, can’t wait to try the biscuits and everything else!

  • Cari Miller March 13, 2014 at 2:17 am

    So glad my sister, Maggie, recommended your site. Have already tried the chocolate – wow! So many great and inventive ideas to suit the whole family. The “back to basics” food ideas I have long been searching for. Thank you!!!

    • taoxley March 13, 2014 at 3:39 am

      I am so pleased. I promise to keep creating and inspiring. Happy cooking.

  • Debra Kolkka December 3, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    It was great to see you after such a long time. You look wonderful and I a happy to see that you have such a great life. I think you blog is great. You photos are very good…keep up the good work.

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